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aro!Jehan who baffles the world by writing an entire book of poetry and not a single poem is about romantic relationships.

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On AM, evolution, and the right place and time



I really want to take time today to get into AM because, musically, I find it to be the prettiest of the Arctic Monkeys’ albums and one writer described it as a “lyric letdown” so perhaps that makes it appropriate for the music-centric day. AM fans - we’re going long again.

(On an admin note for those following within Tumblr, this post will have a handful of embedded videos of songs off AM.)

Maybe it’s just that I’ve grown past my own thrashy rock phase or matured or taken a more highbrow approach to music or some such bullshit, but I think AM is, aesthetically, their best album yet. And I love that, from all I can tell, they love it.

“Always been proud of our records, but listening to the final version of AM a shiver runs down my spine, I feel like we created a very special album.” - Alex Turner

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quick concepts for some ideas of spirits i had. from left to right:

  1. the keeper: guardian of cemeteries - makes sure graves remain clean and never without flowers.
  2. crywolf: once thought to be a trickster spirit that led travelers to their doom, this spirit’s actual intent is to help travelers discover unmarked graves of murder victims.
  3. the cacophony: will appear to some individuals - serves the same purpose as a banshee.
  4. the rat king: a spirit of vengeance, unleashed upon those who hurt others.
  5. the lure: an otherworldly being that feeds on lost souls - will lure them close and devour them whole.
  6. the guardian: a watchful sloth spirit that comforts the spirit of dead children, allowing them to paint his fur.
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The Lust Goddess Without Guilt: thegoddamazon: nataliechronicles: trungles: I get it now.I get why my…




I get it now.

I get why my parents and the parents of every brown kid I grew up with were so strict and controlling. We can’t be out after dark, we can’t go places by ourselves, we don’t fuck with the police or anybody looking to tangle with them, and we are on our best behavior all of the damn time or we would come home to an ass-whipping. 

It wasn’t until tonight, when I had to try to explain what happened to the kids who saw the verdict with me - ages 7, 9, and 13 - that I finally got it. I didn’t know how to do it, I choked up, and the only thing I could say was, “Please, just be safe, okay? Be safe. We can’t always protect you, no matter how badly we wish we could.”

The only post that I’ve seen so far that gave me chills.

My mom never let me spend the night at a white friend’s house. She never let me go to parties where it was mostly white people.

And now I know why. Black kids ain’t safe.

I know why she doesn’t TILL THIS DAY, like the fact of me or my siblings being too far beyond her reach.

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In the end I believe scientists are hopeless romantics desperate in love with the idea that the world makes sense.

Scientists have broken hearts and by combining toxic elements and reading the stars, they are able to write poetry.

—— Royla Asghar, The Astronomy Series #7 (via humanflower)
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Seriously tho


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Sea Slicks

Whenever there is an oil spill in the world’s oceans, a sea slick is “born”. Countless animals lose their lives to the thick, clinging clutches of oil, dying miserable, wretchedly drawn-out deaths. Sea slicks are born of the lost souls of those animals and the sludge that bound and choked the life from them. As such, sea slicks are always referred to as “they” and “them” rather than “it”, and it’s said that if you chance upon a sea slick near the surface, their soft, melancholy vocalisations carry the haunting remnants of sea birds and the whispers of shoals of fish.

Despite their fearsome appearances, they are very much docile creatures, preferring to near-constantly swim through the depths and the quiet of the sea they were robbed from. Sea slicks are amortal, being unable to die, as they were never truly what we would call “alive” to begin with. Over time, however, sea slicks do disintegrate, usually over the span of several years, losing pieces of semi-sentient oil to the surface waters.

Ambitious wixes track sea slicks to gather these pieces, as they make especially valuable, durable invisibility cloaks capable of protecting wearers from even the deadliest of spells.

I love this! Modern, industrial fantasy creatures. Wow, so cool!

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Levis Ballet Commerical

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(by Thyme Tomas)

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Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Broken Social Scene
You Forgot It in People
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Oh no, “cousins” blocking your path to the bathroom.

Doodle carried way too far, might clean it up later.

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"R U Mine?" / AM

Let’s talk about car music.
Here in America, we’ve got a lot of roads. Miles and miles of road. We do a lot of driving.Turner has said repeatedly he wanted AM to be an album you listen to driving. The kind of music that when it comes on the radio, you can’t turn it off.

"I want it to sound good in the car, the way that like 50 Cent “In Tha Club” does, like when that comes on your shuffle, just try and skip it. I dare ya.” - The Guardian

(Sidebar: I felt that way about the classic early aughts tune until last Friday night, when three – possibly, probably - con artists waltzed into a small party at my friend’s house, put on the song and it was four of the most uncomfortable minutes of my life.)

Anyways, I did a series of three-to-six hour roadtrips in September and October and I can tell you with authority the Arctic Monkeys are killin’ the car trip game. I can also tell you that the distance from my driveway at school to that of my parent’s house is exactly the length of the current AM discography.

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